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Tanker for sale : ET-272

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TypeShallow draft
Dwt11.100 Ton
FinancingEuropean export finance

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Extra Informatie


It is a single-screw vessel with forecastle, twelve cargo tanks and slop tanks with ballast compartments in double sides and double bottom, in forpeak, afterpeak and ER, with ER and superstructure aft.

The vessel is intended for carriage of diesel oil, black oil, oil products and crude oil with density up to 0,99 t/m3 and flashpoint temperature up to 60??. The heating of viscous oil products is provided for unloading. Three types of cargo can be carried during one passage of the vessel.

The Vessel shall be a mono hull-type with double hull and double bottom over the full length according to the rules. The hull is to be constructed in steel in round chine form, flat bottom and vertical sides and bow and stern to create as low waves and wake as possible.

The hull form shall be designed with the aim of minimum power absorption in transit conditions and maximum manoeuvrability for port operations. The vessel shall have good sea keeping properties, especially with regard to the rolling and pitching behaviour while loading and/or discharging alongside terminals.

The vessel shall be equipped with a superstructure containing accommodation for crew, a well equipped wheelhouse for communication, navigation, propulsion control and cargo handling control.

Day and night accommodation shall be provided for complement of aprox 27 persons (min safe manning plus 10 crew).

Class Notation:

As per GA

Principal dimensions:

Loa 140.00 m
Lpp 137.65 m
Bm 20.00 m
H 9.30 m
Draught, 6.20 m
Draught design 6.10 m
Cargo capacity, 10.650 ton
Deadweight, 11.100 ton

12 cargo tanks 13.300 m3 (incl.slops)
Speed 11 kn

Segregations 3

HOF 250 ton
MDO 65 ton
Fresh water 60 ton
LO 10 ton

Propulsion plant:

1 non-reversible Main Engine 3000kW, HFO
Make Caterpillar, ABC, Wartsila or equal,;

1 Gearboxes (reverseble)
Make: Reijntjes or Masson
Coupling Vulkan

1 CPP propeller, CuNiAl bronze; 4 blades
Make: Lips, Wartsila, Promac or equal

2 oil lubricated stern tubes

Bow thruster:

Bow thruster with a power of 350kW is mounted in the fore ship, to improve ship’s steering capabilities at low speed and without motion, in narrow waters, locks and by mooring.
The thruster is electrical remotely controlled from the control station in the wheelhouse and there is emergency control from fore electric equipment operating room.

Steering gear:

Vessel is equipped with one balance rudder.
Electrohydraulic steering gear is electrically operated from control station in the wheelhouse.
Make: van der Velden or Equal

Anchor equipment and winches fore and aft:

The ship is equipped with two bower Hall's anchors according to Rules. The anchors are housed into the pulled-in hawses with anchor recesses. Bower anchors lifting and release is performed by electrically driven windlasses.
The anchor chains are stored in the chain lockers which guarantee the chain self-stowage. The chain lockers are equipped with drying system. The chains are secured with the chain stoppers.
Make: Menarom, DMT or equal

Mooring and towing arrangements

The mooring operations are performed by a windlasses, capstans and winch. The ship is equipped by mooring and towing bollards, mooring hawses.


The ship’s fuel oil system is to be HFO and gas oil and is to be used for operating all main engines, generator sets and boiler(s). Filling connections are to be arranged on the Poopdeck PS for bunkering of fuel storage tanks, via hand operated tank valves.

Day-Service tanks are to be arranged, appropriately sized for the system, fully fitted to Class requirements with drip trays, drains, level alarms, etc. Pumps are to be arranged for local control and remote control from the machinery control room, fire stations and bunkering stations. Pumps to be located in the engine room.

The fuel oil drain tank, leakage tank and overflow tank are to be suitably sized and arranged in the double bottom in way of engine room.

All pumps to be from one major supplier, if practicable, they should be installed with non-return valves in the discharge line and arranged with isolating valves for maintenance purposes.

Lubricating oil systems are to be provided for filling and emptying engines, gearboxes, etc.

Various tanks are to be provided for storage of lub oils for major equipment with each tank having a separate filling line from the Main Deck and fully fitted to class requirements with drip trays, drains, level alarms, etc.


For electric power supply the ship is provided with electrical power plant, comprising three diesel-generators, each with 420kW rated power

Emergency generator diesel engine is air cooled.

3 Diesel generators, 420kW/525kVA, 50Hz, 400V, 1500rpm .

1 Emergency/Harbour Diesel genset of 100kW/125kVA, 50Hz, 400V, IP23, 1500rpm

1 shaft generator 1200kVA


Standard for sailing area and this type of vessel.
Tanks coated


All cargo pipes are made from StSt316L

Cargo heating:

All cargo and slop tanks are fitted approximately 2000 m in length, sch 10s DN50
stainless steel 316L pipe. Heating medium is thermal oil, 160-110 ºC, 7 bar. Cargo
heater capacity is 2000 kW.
Heating up capacity : 6 ºC/day for HFO
Maintaining Capacity : to be agreed with Owner
Cargo Heater is located in fore ship with automatic temperature control valve to keep the cargo temperature at same temperature.

Bunkering mast:

One bunkering mast, 25m long, 1500m3 per hour at PS of cargo deck. In use as deck crane with lifting capacity of 5ton.

Cargo pumps:

Electric driven deep well pumps, 14 x 200 cbm/h, single stage centrifugal. Electric motors will be IP55 class protected.
Pump casing, impeller and pipe stack are of stainless steel.
There are 6 converters supplied and located in converter room on main deck. Converter room has adequate separate ventilation system. Each converter manages a pair of
cargo pumps. One of the converter also manages slop tank pumps. The converter control panel is located also cargo control room indicating cargo pumps rpm, pressure and it has control rod to manage revolution of pumps.

Lifeboats with equipment
All safety equipments are convenient to classification societies and harbour authorities.
• One closed free fall lifeboat of glass reinforced polyester, for the 19 no. of crew to be installed. Additional means of escape as per rules.
• One MOB rescue boat with launching arrangement and equipment.

CO2 Fire Fighting System

A number of CO2 bottles will be installed in a seperate compartment for engine, ballast pump rooms for fire extinguishing based on class rules and requirements.
CO2 bottles are to be arranged for release in groups from outside engine/ballast pump rooms as required by class.

Foam Installation
Foam fire extinguishing system capacity and arrangement will be according to class rules and regulations.
A suitable foam compound tank will be arranged for A,B, and C fire extinguishing. All necessary accessories such as manhole, air vent pipe, filling pipe and suction pipe will be according to class rules.
Foam Solution Pump
No. Off : 1 pc
Capacity : According to calculations.
Foam Monitors
No. Off : According to regulations.
Capacity : According to regulations.
Foam Solution mixing equipment to be mounted in the supply pipe in foam room.


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